बुधवार, 26 दिसंबर 2012

परम आस्तिक

* परम आस्तिक = नास्तिक |

* सदुपयोग
धन - धान्य का करूँ
ईश्वर का भी |

* Just now I thought that Ishwar is an asset of human race . Is not it ? Human civilization  has devoted a lot of time to invent , reinvent and revive it [ should I write 'HIM' ?] . We, rationalists-atheists should not let it be spoiled and go all in vain . I don't find any wisdom to kill him . Many did try . We should take lesson from what happened and what we gained . Just now , I am in an utilitarian mood . And above all , we can not go too much far away from our beloved common human beings , ordinary people , who finds solace in his presence . So , let him remain as much he is useful to be . Don't throw the baby along with the bath water . This much I can say today at the instant .

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