शनिवार, 9 जून 2012

Gon-zo Journalism

Gon-zo Journalism . [style created by Hunter S. Thomson and the name so , given by Bill Cordoso], which I am fond of , and it suits me very much .

1 - (Quote) :  - It {cricket} requiresone to assume such indecent postures .- [Oscar Wilde]

2 - "Power attracts the corruptible . Suspect all who seek it " -Frank Herbert.
Personally I have been of the view that who fight elections for power are essentially  mean and lowly persons . I call upon the citizenry not to give respect to them , rather always suspect them as Frank Herbert too suggests.

3 - On Ambedkar cartoon controversy, I would suggest reading  an article -- " A different Reading" by -S. Anand [The Indian Express- 24/5/12 OP-ED Page-11]. I could read it after returning from a long stay out of Lucknow. It confirms my view on the issue.

4 - A Blackberry addict Rahul Gandhi is a nonsense and a nuissance in the politics of our taste .

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